What is CEBIS?

CEBIS promotes and facilitates the use of research evidence in practice and provides the information to support evidence-based practice in the clinical setting.

CEBIS facilitates evidence-based decision making for quality patient care in a timely and effective manner, improving by association information literacy, resource awareness and critical appraisal skills.

The online CEBIS system provides access to questions raised, evidence summaries, Evidence in Practice Group (EPG) presentations and discussion board comments.

The CEBIS Process step-by-step

Make a search referral, either via the CEBIS system or by e-mailing CEBIS@uhcw.nhs.uk

A CEBIS specialist will search for relevant information including secondary evidence and primary research.

The search results will be summarised and graded according to the level of evidence:

1 Systematic review or meta-analysis (Secondary research based on quality primary studies). Critically appraised systematic reviews/research.
2 Randomised Controlled Trials
3 Other comparative research
4 Case reports and case series
5 Expert opinion, narrative review

CEBIS Specialists will help you appraise the evidence for an Evidence in Practice Group (EPG), where the evidence will be discussed with colleagues, and changes agreed to be put into practice.

CEBIS is Embedded!

CEBIS Specialists embedded with clinical specialities attend Grand Rounds, departmental meetings, ward rounds and teaching sessions, and pick up questions for which evidence is needed. If you would like a CEBIS Specialist embedded within your team or department, or for a specific project, contact the CEBIS team.

To discuss how to go about using CEBIS for yourself, your team or your specialty please contact:

02476 968829
(extn. 28829)

Watch our CEBIS video:


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