CEBIS Systematic Review Service

What is a Systematic Review?


A review of a clearly formulated question that uses systematic and explicit methods to identify, select and critically appraise relevant research and to collect and analyse data from the studies that are included in the review.

When to Use it

When seeking the best currently available answer to a narrowly-focused question using pre-defined methods and study types to support decision-making, further research or both.1

Studies have shown that involving an information professional in the systematic reviewing process is a core element in producing reproducible search strategies, and results in higher quality reviews. 2,3


How can the CEBIS Team help?

Initial Consultation & Scoping (free of charge)

  • Provide overview of the systematic review (SR) process
  • Inform researchers of SR standards & registries (Cochrane, PRISMA, Prospero)
  • Assist researchers with formulating the research question
  • Scoping search & list of results

Contact us to arrange a meeting to discuss – see contact details in the left-hand frame.


Information Specialist Systematic Review Support (cost: £1250* – the cost of this service may be paid for by departments or through external grant funding. RD&I offers support to researchers with grant applications – e-mail for further information)

In addition to the initial consultation and scoping, this service includes:

  • Design, adaptation, and updating of search strategy in collaboration with the review team
  • Translating and conducting the search across multiple databases
  • Delivering search results in appropriate format for citation management software
  • Assistance in writing up the search process for publication
  • Obtaining full text of articles via inter-library loan (up to a maximum of 50 articles)
  • Running updates of searches prior to publication (as required by standards)
  • Communication with review team throughout the process
  • Information Specialist listed as contributing author is required for this option.


Prefer to do it yourself?

Our Knowledge Skills Librarian provides training in database searching and critical appraisal. Please visit our Training section.



  1. Booth A. Fifty shades of Review Webinar. 2016
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