CEBIS Impact

Some recent examples of CEBIS Impact:

1. Is prophylactic treatment advocated for the treatment of progressive acquired retinoschisis?

A search found that prophylactic treatment was usually ineffective and can result in retinal detachment (RD).
This resulted in no prophylactic laser or surgical treatment being performed for retinoschisis which in turn avoided surgery for RD.
The estimated saving was £5k/case, or £500k – £5m /100,000 population.


2. In the neonatal intensive care unit, should ET suctioning be done using the open versus closed suction technique?

Two studies in neonates suggested closed technique reduces infection. This led to the development of a unit protocol to improve infection prevention and control, which resulted in a reduction of hospital acquired infection and consequently length of stay.


3. What effect does chemotherapy have on concentration/memory, and what interventions are used to overcome this?

A search found no systematic reviews. This resulted in an evidence based research proposal bid which resulted in £10,000 of funding.



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