Computers and WiFi

The Clinical Sciences Library offers 35 Trust-networked computers that provide access to your personal profile, UHCW e-mail accounts, UHCW Trust guidelines, ESR records etc. Printing is also available via the Managed Print Service.

There are also 18 password-free computers that have access to the internet and Microsoft Office but do not provide access to the UHCW intranet. Printing facilities for these computers is currently suspended.

Booking is not essential but is recommended at busier times.

Password-free WiFi is available in the Clinical Sciences Library via the UHPUBLIC network.

To access the WiFi network select UHPUBLIC and follow the sign-in instructions on the browser of your device.

Please note that UHPUBLIC will only allow you access to the Internet and will not provide access to any UHCW Trust systems.

Please contact the library team if you have any questions regarding our computer facilities:

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