Working with your Specialty/Department

CEBIS Specialists enjoy working closely with clinical teams to embed the use of research evidence in day-to-day practice, supporting evidence-based learning, and improving patient care.

We can

  • facilitate Evidence in Practice Group discussions, to discuss and appraise the evidence in relation to a clinical query and make a decision on how to proceed.
  • attend clinics, ward rounds, MDTs or other clinical meetings to identify queries and provide the evidence to support decision making.
  • support teaching sessions, including journal clubs, to make them more evidence-based and develop skills such as critical appraisal and literature searching.
Overview of CEBIS Impact Survey – 85 respondents between 19/4/2017 and 5/9/2018 (approx. 33% response rate overall)
Did/will the information provided on this occasion contribute to…  % respondents
decision making and evidence-based practice? 87.06%
patient experience, patient-centred care, or health care? 82.35%
quality of care, innovation and service development? 88.24%
research, learning or continuing professional development? 88.24%
efficiency, financial management, safety or risk? 80.00%
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