Clinical Evidence Based Information Service

CEBIS supports you to use research evidence in your work, to deliver optimal patient care.

Do you have a question about the best treatment for a particular patient?

Are there differences of opinion amongst colleagues regarding the ‘best’ way to investigate or treat a condition?

Would you like to ensure that you are up to date on the latest evidence based research in your area?

Let CEBIS help: e-mail your query to and a CEBIS specialist will undertake a search of the evidence, including primary research and secondary evidence such as systematic reviews.
Watch our CEBIS videos
Introducing CEBIScebis-video

CEBIS can help you to

  • Improve clinical practice
  • Improve service delivery
  • Plan and carry out research and audit projects
  • Save time and money
  • Confirm best practice and/or lack of evidence
  • Present and discuss the best available evidence, enabling informed local decision making
  • Ensure Trust guidelines are based on best and most recent research
  • Develop critical appraisal skills of individuals and teams
  • Broaden clinical knowledge
  • Access research evidence at the point of care
  • Increase the Trust’s profile through publication or presentation of CEBIS findings
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