Winter wellness – do something for yourself






Now that the days are shorter and it’s darker and colder outside, it’s the perfect time to invest in you. If you are out on a walk this winter, why not take one of Bookboon’s podcasts with you or make yourself comfortable with an eBook if you don’t fancy braving the winter weather.

Bookboon provides access to over 1,500 free, downloadable podcasts and textbooks to support your personal development. Topics include mindfulness, self-confidence, stress management, work-life balance and much, much more.

Access to Bookboon can be found via TrustNav. If you want to brush up on your leadership, time management or presentation skills, simply search for Bookboon and use the link on the Library Quick Links page. Anything you download is yours to keep!


Bookboon’s suggestion this winter include:


Expert Talk: Amazing Stories of Everyday People
In this Expert Talk, Roxana Radulescu interviews Carolyn Kiel, designer of learning and development programs to help companies develop their talents, navigate change and achieve their business goals.

Practical Mindfulness
Mindfulness is about noticing what we are doing as we are doing it, what we are thinking as we are thinking it, and how we are feeling as we are feeling it. Using these practical exercises, you can deepen your capacity of awareness and significantly reduce stress.

Expert Talk: Intuitive Decisions with Dr. Mega
We make an average of 35,000 choices per day. And leaders often have to make split-second decisions on some pretty big things. So how can we start making better decisions? Neuroscience consultant and mindset change & mindfulness coach Dr. Francesca Mega has a suggestion: Intuition.

Intuitive Eating and Mindfulness
Andrea Zimmering describes the basics of intuitive eating and mindfulness, as well as the benefits these practices bring to daily life.

Master Your Inner Critic
Have you discovered the real reasons for negative beliefs you hold about yourself…or others? Listen to this interview with Chris Salem, who explains how to discover the cause of these issues.

Making Friends with Your Anxiety
This book invites readers to experiment with an alternative approach of welcoming anxiety when it arrives; getting to know it well, as one might welcome a helpful friend. Read on for a holistic and integrative approach to both anxiety itself and wellbeing overall.

Email Magic
How well does email work for you? In this session you’ll learn the simple formula for succinct and action-based emails that get you immediate results.

How to Be a Better Listener to Get What You Want!
Award-winning author Esther Stanhope shares her communication tips for leaders. In this session – how to be a better listener to get what you want.

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