Changes to UHCW Library as a designated rest area

If you are a Library regular, it won’t have escaped your notice that we’re getting busier!

With a new academic year about to begin, we’re anticipating a high demand for study space from staff and students alike. So with that in mind, we are no longer able to be a designated rest space for staff to eat at lunchtimes.

It’s been a pleasure to be able to offer up our space to support your wellbeing over the past few months and of course, the library will remain a quiet spot for you to take a break to read, study and work.

Here’s a list of nearby places where you can meet with colleagues for your lunch:

  • CSB – Ground floor – under stairs and in front of café – lots of tables and easy seating area available
  • CSB – 1st floor atrium – easy seating with tables
  • CSB – 2nd floor atrium – seating, vending machines and microwave available
  • Faith Centre – Ground Floor, West Wing – in and outdoor seating available
  • Rest and Recharge Garden – outside seated area – rear of CSB ground floor
  • 4th floor Rotunda Rest and Recharge area – seating, vending machines, microwave and hot/cold water available
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