Health Information Week 2018

We are participating in Health Information Week 2018, which runs from Monday 2nd to Sunday 8th July. This annual event promotes the good quality health resources that are available to the public. Health Information Week aims to encourage partnership working across sectors and benefit all staff and the public by raising awareness of the resources that are available to them and fulfilling some of the national priorities, for example:

•Patients and the public use the right knowledge and evidence, at the right time, in the right place (Knowledge for Healthcare, Health Education England)
•Encourage partnership working and improve access to quality local information (Better Information, Better Choices, Better Health, DOH)
•Local communities leading for health (Choosing Health, DOH)
•Promote healthier communities (Public Libraries Impact Measures)
•Providing evidence based services, advice and information on health and wellbeing interventions (Professional Standards for Public Health Practice for Pharmacy)
•Information, combined with the right support, is the key to better care, better outcomes and reduced costs (Equity and Excellence: Liberating the NHS)
•Good information and communication promote health literacy, treatment adherence, self-management, shared decision-making, confidence and realistic expectations. (Information: A report from the NHS Future Forum)

It is hoped that working together with other partners will improve the overall access to quality health resources which will benefit the public as well as staff members of the different organisations.

Click for our list of useful patient information resources.


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