Food and Drink in the CSB Library

We are receiving numerous complaints from both staff and students about the mess which is being left around the library. This is mainly from foodstuffs being consumed in the library, particularly around the computer workstations and study areas

We would like to remind all library users that our policy has always been and remains that NO FOOD MAY BE CONSUMED IN THE LIBRARY AT ANY TIME.

We have recently AMENDED our policy regarding drinks in the library, in line with comments received and have extended this from purely bottled water to ANY DRINKS WHICH HAVE A LID of some description.

We fully appreciate that library users spend a lot of time in the library, particularly when studying, and have a need for sustenance during these periods. However, we feel that it is reasonable to restrict our users to drinks only as there are many areas very close to the library where food may be consumed. Our only intention is to provide a clean, hygienic and comfortable environment for everyone.

Please be aware that consistent failure to comply with this policy could mean that your permission to use the library may be withdrawn at the Library Management Team’s discretion.

If you have any queries or concerns regarding this matter, please contact either Denise King, Library Services Manager, at mailto:denise.king@uhcw.nhs.ukor Richard Bridgen, Head of Knowledge Services, at

Many thanks for your co-operation.

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