Full text for PubMed and Google Scholar users

Continuing the number crunching from yesterday, I’ve been looking at our Ebsco A-to-Z and LinkSource, which you can use for quick access to online full text journals and textbooks that we subscribe to or that are available to us free of charge from a variety of sources. We have been putting LinkSource links into a range of databases and websites to enable you to click through to A-to-Z to see if there’s any full text available to download or print or view onscreen. 

We know that many of you like to use PubMed and Google Scholar for literature searching, and in 2013 we added LinkSource to these search services to make it easier to access full text of the search results. The stats are pretty impressive: the number of clicks on the LinkSource links in PubMed in 2013 was 279; from 1st Jan – 31st Oct 2014 it was 1508. The figures for Google Scholar are 120 (2013) and 407 (Jan-Oct 2014), so our customers are certainly finding LinkSource useful.

Please try this at home! Click here to download the instructions for setting up LinkSource with PubMed and click here for Google Scholar.

Please note: you will need a UHCW Athens account to log into LinkSource – see the Athens section above for more info about this.

For more information and help, please use the contact forms and links on this website, or phone us on ext. 28829.

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